Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rootin' Rudy

This is Rudy. He is probably most accurately described as a crappy discarded Walmart lamp that my coworker Jennifer and I put a paper mustache on. He lives in my office. He used to be a cowboy a la Timothy Olyphant in Deadwood. Then he was a pizzeria owner ("He make-a the pizza pie!!"). Now he's a 1970s-era jogger in short shorts. I've requested some Jared-Leto-as-Prefontaine hair. Jennifer's working on that with some black tissue paper.

The most important part of Rudy's current ensemble, as you will notice, is the 3M Half Marathon Finisher's Medal swingin' from his neck like whoa. I know it kinda looks like it came out of The Simpsons, but it did not. It came out of 2 hours and 20 minutes of my life. And very soon, I can prove it when I post some pictures of that same medal swingin' from my own neck. Like a boss.

In summary, this is to say that I am alive. I have completed my first ever half marathon. I have pictures. And they will be posted here soon. They include a very special race day t-shirt that we designed just for you. One guess what it was covered in. It starts with "G" and ends in "mothertruckin' LITTER." That's right. Stay tuned.

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