Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Meaning of Money

Besides helping yourselves to a good dose of glitter and helping us run 39.3 miles, here are some concrete ways that your money will help My Heart’s Desire and all the animals:

If you donate $10, you could finance:
  • 3 gallons of gas for the volunteers of My Heart’s Desire to travel to kill shelters and rescue animals

  • 100s of information packets and flyers to educate families about proper animal care and training tips to keep animals and families happy and thus shelters empty
If you donate $25, you could buy:
  • A can of milk for puppies and kitties that don’t have a mother to get natural milk from

  • Food for 86 dogs and cats for a whole day

If you donate $50, you could supply:
  • A dog house for disadvantaged families to keep their pets warm and off the street

  • Blankets to keep dozens of animals warm at night and real comfy
If you donate $100, you could:
  • Pay half of a dog’s heartworm treatment. Heartworm is the number 1 killer of dogs in the South!

  • Feed a single animal for over a year!! Or feed 2 animals for 6 months!! Or feed 5 animals for 2 months!!

Helping us reach $1,000 would:

  • Keep the shelter open for a month

  • Completely vaccinate and spay/neuter a rescued animal

So you see, if we reach our goal of $3,930,
we can do ALL OF THESE THINGS AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So please...

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