Katie's Official Sponsor List

Mile 1: Leslie Matherne

Mile 2: Sean Beal

Mile 3: Melanie Nichols

                 Jeff Sneden

Mile 4: Captain Simon Collins

                 Sterling Gates

Mile 5: Dehron Hite-Benson

Mile 6
: Marion Taylor

Mile 7: Kendall Melton

Mile 8: Elizabeth Roath
                 Candace Wallace
                 Doug Jones

Mile 9: Shaun Braley

Mile 10:
Haley Rush

                   Eric Hoffmaster
                   Casey Carini

Mile 11: Julie Wimmer

                   Maggie Burns
                   Kate Rosati
                   Allison Kamel

Mile 12: Hadley Hill

                   Courtney Canavan
                   Lynne O'Kelly
                   Jennie Tillman

                   Mike Chavez
                   Ryan Fennell                       

Mile 13:
Mom and Dad

.1 Miles: Katie Canavan

1 comment:

  1. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to comment...but this page looks good...I'd like you to think of me during mile 9 :) I'm so happy to be able to help all those kitties & doggies. oh and you guys' blog is awesome!