Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We Will Never Say "No" to Your Moneys

I was asked today "Are you still accepting donations?"
and the answer is "YES!"

We still need roughly $1,300!!!

Even if we raise that $1,300, we will still gladly and gratefully take more donations!

The sky is the limit folks. We will never say "No" to your moneys.

And we only have 52 days left!! Time is running out!

To keep your interested piqued, here are some teasers for upcoming posts:

1) My MRI results. That's right, I had an MRI. CAN I STILL RACE?!?!?!?

2) Kelly's results from her latest half marathon. DID SHE IMPROVE HER TIME? DID SHE GLITTER AND SHINE?

3) A sweet montage video featuring this:

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